Map of Central Asia

Map of Central Asia

Friday, December 9, 2011

Uzbekistan The Brightest And Original Cultures Of The East.

Uzbekistan is Central Asian country, located on the Great Silk Road, has been a link between countries and peoples of Europe and Asia. It was formerly a part of the Soviet Union and became independent in 1991. This country is Central Asia's most populous country. Its 28 million people, concentrated in the south and east of the country, are nearly half the region's total population; the educational system has achieved 99% literacy. Economically it is rich in oil, gas, gold and cotton.   Culture of Uzbekistan is one of the brightest and original cultures of East. It is inimitable national music, dances and painting, unique national kitchen and clothes. The Uzbek people are well-known for its songs. Koshuk - household song with a small diapason melody, covering one or two rows of the poetic text. The dances of uzbeks distinguish softness, smoothness and expressiveness of movements, easy sliding step, original movements on a place and on a circle.

Uzbek national clothes of the end of XX centuries remain constant up these days. The men in that time carried a direct cover shirts, bottom and top dressing gowns. The dressing gowns were very light and made from cotton wool. There were cuts on each side of dressing gown for convenience at walking. The trousers were made wide, of direct breed lent from top to bottom. Female clothes: dressing gowns, dress, "parandja"- also of wide breed. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hunza the Land of Beauty and Hospitality

Hunza the Land of Beauty
Hunza Gojal in the territory of Pakistan but comes the area of Pamir form eastern part,  is probably Pakistan's most visited valley, by the tourists. It is a fairy tale land surrounded by beautiful rugged & snow capped mountains. Only at a distance of 150 Kms. from Gilgit Hunza is a small town on Karakorum Highway. At the altitude of 7000 - 800 feet it is the first main town or stop if you are entering Pakistan from China. There are two languages wakhi and burushashki. Culturally Hunza is very beautiful according to its places, dress and food.As much as the valley is famous for its beauty; the people of Hunza are noted for their friendliness and hospitality. The literacy rate of the Hunza valley is believed to be more than 90%. Virtually every child of the new generation studies up to at least high school level. Many pursue higher studies from prestigious colleges and Universities of Pakistan and abroad.
the main pleace of Hunza valley are Karimabad, Aliabad, Gulmit, Passu and Sost.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Culture of Pamir

Pamiri Culture
Pamir is located at the top of the world says Bomi dunyo which means roof of the world. It located under the territory of 5 countries. Tajikistan Afghanistan china Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan. But the biggest part of Pamir is under the territory of Tajikistan. Which is called Gorno-Badakhshan. Ethnically peoples of Pamir are divided into different language but religiously they are all Ismaili Muslims. Pamiri languages are wakhi Sarikoli, shugni, and tajiks.
Culture of Pamir is very unique in the world for its Music, food, dress and hospitality.


Tajikistan A Land of Hospitality and Unique Culture

Tajikistan Culture and Traditions                        
Tajikistan is one of the central Asian countries which come in to being in 1992 after the partition   of Russia. Tajikistan means the “Land of Tajiks” Tajik language rout is linked to Iranian speak language means Persian. Tajik peoples are one of the most ancient peoples in the world. Archaeologists have dated settlements in the territory of today\'s Tajikistan date back to the end of the upper Paleolithic period, fifteen to twenty thousand years ago. The Tajiks have preserved many of the ancient traditions and customs of their ancestors. They have their own spoken language – a variety of Persian. Large families spanning several generations live together under one roof as the family and their farms and businesses reflect this prosperity and the welcome a guest receives reflects the legendary hospitality.